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Student Standard Yoga Class Videos (10-15 mins):




Growth Mindset


Mistakes Help You Learn


Stressful Testing


Starting School

Student Extended Yoga Class Videos (25-28 min):

Peaceful Warrior

Mastering Affirmations

Student Non-Yoga Wellness Videos (4-5 mins):


Shake It Out

Calming the Body

Focusing the Mind

Building Self-Esteem

Educator Non-Yoga Wellness Videos (5-10 mins):

Recognizing You

Relieving Stress

Releasing Your Day

Video-On-Demand Yoga and Non-Yoga Classes

Student Benefits:

  • Enhances mental focus, memory, balance and strength
  • Inspires to believe, love and accept themselves
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) regulation tools
  • Provides mindfulness techniques and resilience
  • Improves self-esteem and communal awareness

Teacher Benefits:

  • Teacher wellness videos designed for teachers to reduce stress, empower and increase self-love

School Benefits:

  • Based on yoga program delivered at OCSB schools
  • In support of Student Success School Improvement Plan
  • Fits Health and Physical Education (HPE) curriculum


  • 15 1 educator-led student standard length children's yoga videos (10-15 mins) that involve storytelling (JK-G1) or lessons (G3-G6). Videos designed for gym class while allowing students the time to do a second activity e.g. dodge ball, soccer, etc.
  • 8 1 educator-led student extended length children's yoga videos (25-28 mins) that involve a mix of stories and lessons designed to fit within a full gym class period
  • 14 1 student one-on-one or class wellness videos (4-5 mins)
  • 4 1 introduction videos (1-3 mins) describing class format
  • 4 teacher wellness and mental health (5 mins) videos
  • Designed to be played from our Portal - by teachers and/or for teachers - during class / gym schedule
  • Unlimited streaming through Amazon Cloud solely to Canadian Elementary schools
  • Cannot be used with, or during, Remote Learning / Online Learning due to insurance constraints
  • 1 Classes by grade levels: JK-SK, G1-G2, G3-G4, G5-G6

Video-on-demand Pricing

Fixed pricing up to 15 homerooms OR priced per homeroom if more than 15 homerooms:

VOD Program


Up to 15

16 or more

Student Standard Yoga Class Videos (10-15 mins)

NEW Mindfulness 2NEW Stressful Testing 3

NEW Growth Mindset 2NEW Starting School 5

NEW Mistakes Help You Learn 2

Student Extended Yoga Class Videos (25-28 mins)

Peaceful Warrior 2Mastering Affirmations 2

Student Non-Yoga Wellness Videos (4-5 mins)

Building Self-Esteem 2Focusing the Mind 2

Calming the Body 2NEW Shake It Out 4

Educator Non-Yoga Wellness Videos (5-10 mins)

Recognizing YouRelieving Stress

Releasing Your Day

Unlimited access until school year end

Dedicated homeroom accounts

Shared staff and resource account

Children's yoga videos for students

Wellness videos for educators

Streaming over Amazon Cloud

Technical support via email

All new releases throughout year

Locked-in pricing for next year

Homerooms Flat Rate:


Opens Aug 15!

Enter Number
of Homerooms:

$35.00 per Homeroom

Opens August 15!

Portal Screen Shots (Samples)

Below are sample screen shots of the Portal video desktop that offer a sneak peek into what our Portal looks like:


Default portal video desktop with no filters
Does not currently depict NEW videos


Portal video desktop withs filters (show only G3-G4 and educator videos and hide all intros)


Portal video desktop while in Trial Mode (5 days and 23 hours left in example)


Portal teacher invite admin page with shared staff / resource invite (1st) and teacher invites (in example showing 15 of 30 homeroom teacher invites)


Portal teacher bulk invite page (simply include a comma-separated list of email address to load)


Portal manage admins page (portal allows invite of 1 additional staff to be a portal admin)

Request Video-On-Demand Free 7-Day Trial 6

  • If you are a Canadian Elementary school request a free 7-day trial to:
    • Access all of our educator-led yoga videos in your school during gym-time for an entire week!
    • Access all of our non-yoga student and educator wellness videos throughout your school

6 Please note that our service will allow at most one (1) trial per email address in any school calendar year.
6 We will attempt to verify your school position and reserve the right to reject invalid/unverifiable requests.
6 Where multiple trials are requested your school will be limited to (1) trial in any calendar school year.