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About the Instructor

Andrea Cerutti a.k.a "YogaLady" is an educator and an enthusiastic, energetic and creative Canadian Yoga Alliance Certified Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (CYA-CYT) who has been practicing Yoga for over 23 years. Children's yoga has allowed her to combine yoga with teaching.

She is extremely empathetic towards the overall emotional, cognitive, spiritual and physical well being of children and her classes encourage children to believe, love and accept themselves. She is a parent of three beautiful and loving souls who, like all children, inspire her every day.

Andrea believes that student and educator wellness not only benefits the child and the teacher but also our communities, our societies and future generations of humanity.

All classes involve the following four (4) elements:

Mindfulness and Focus

Building Self-Esteem

Increasing awareness, being present, expanding the heart and calming and nourishing the body through gentle poses.

Connecting students with their heart, nourishing their soul and growing their love of self.

Learning to Breathe

Balance and Strength

Creating the space to be calm, centred and peaceful while being present. Learn to self-regulate and respond rather than to react.

Movement through story telling and poses so as to balance and strengthen the body and spirit.




“YogaLady” and Parent Volunteer
244 classes and 6 teacher workshops

St. Thomas More Elementary
Divine Infant Elementary
St. Benedict Elementary
St. Francis of Assisi Elementary
Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Canadian Yoga Alliance Certified Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher

Canadian Yoga Alliance (2019)

Bachelor's of Education
Brevet - Elementary & Intermediate
James McGill Award - Magna Cum Laude

McGill University (1997)

Children and Health & Wellness

35 Years Working with Children
23 Years Health, Wellness & Yoga

Certified Children's Yoga Instructor

The Bioenergetics Institute (2008)

Bachelor's of Arts
Psychology (Major) & Linguistics (Minor)

McGill University (1994)

Aylmer Elementary

Elementary School Teacher

Reiki Master Certification

Julie Desmarais (2008)
Chrissie Bettencourt

Program Coordinator / L.I.T. Instructor

City of Ottawa Recreation Culture

Certified Fitness Instructor

YMYWCA (1993)