Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some questions about custom pricing.
See our full FAQ of other common questions and answers.

Here is how custom pricing works:

  1. A school admin or teacher completes the custom pricing request form above
  2. We verify your school, review your request and determine a custom price per homeroom
  3. We provide a discount link via email to the person making the request
  4. School uses the discount link to load custom pricing into their cart

We believe that our videos can help increase student success, kindness, love, empathy and much more and ultimately should benefit all schools and communities.

Custom pricing is based on love and kindness to help schools that need assistance that may not have the financial resources to purchase our videos. Additionally, as we are absorbing 100% of the costs, video pricing does not subsidize custom pricing.

Schools eligible for custom pricing include:
"Schools in low-income areas"
"Children support schools"
"High-need schools" or other need schools

Exact custom pricing depends on answers to the above form which allows us to formulate a picture of what a school can afford.

While we do not publish a range, custom pricing offered to any school needing assistance is substantially reduced video pricing.

Custom pricing is the same as our flex product which starts at 11 homerooms except that it includes a discount.

If you have less than 11 homerooms your school will need to purchase a minimum of 11 homerooms.

We would like custom pricing to be permanent however, this offering is subject to change without notice.

Any school that has received custom pricing and has paid for our videos is not affected in any way.

Lastly, locked-in pricing is not available with custom pricing i.e. schools need to re-apply each school year.