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Educator led yoga and wellness for elementary schools*

Offering Video-on-demand (VOD) educator-led yoga and wellness videos for elementary schools.

Videos reinforce Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and focus on Student and Educator Wellness.

* Video program currently exclusively available to Canadian Elementary Schools

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in schools

Videos use elements of SEL to help guide students to believe, love and accept themselves and others.

We focus on student wellness via yoga (and non-yoga) videos so that the child, the teacher, the classroom and society all benefit.

Who is YogaLady?

Andrea Cerutti is an educator and Children's Yoga instructor with extensive experience and certifications working with children.

Benefits to schools?

Videos provide exceptional benefits to schools by assisting with student and educator mental health and wellness.

Benefits to students?

YogaLady originated in schools designed with and for students.

Enhances mental focus, memory, balance and strength

Inspires to believe, love and accept themselves

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) regulation tools

Provides mindfulness techniques and resilience

Improves self-esteem and communal awareness

YogaLady and our Portal?

Our connect screencast helps educators and Principals understand our Portal

NOTE: Student wellness videos are not mentioned as they are new

Student yoga class videos

Educator led and themed-based Yoga classes focus on wellness and fit into gym schedule (25-27 mins).

Peaceful Warrior

Mastering Affirmations

Student wellness (non-yoga) videos

Student videos (3-5 mins) for start of day, after recess or lunch, before a test or Math, ending the day, one-on-one behavioural issues and more.

Building Self-Esteem

Calming the Body

Focusing the Mind

Educator wellness (non-yoga) videos

Educator videos (5 mins) designed for teachers to reduce stress, empower and increase self-love.

Educator wellness is critical to student success and we strive through videos (and workshops) to assist teachers.

Cost of our video program?

Starts at $475 + HST per school ($31 per homeroom) for an entire school year (unlimited use).

In addition, videos developed throughout the school year are automatically available at no cost.

How many videos in our program?

Different ages have different needs and as such our videos are recorded with a different tone and slightly modified content tailored for each of JK-SK, G1-G2, G3-G4 and G5-G6.

(2) x 4 student yoga classes videos +
(4) x 3 student wellness videos +
3 educator wellness videos +
5 intro videos = 28 videos

How to do a trial of our video program?

Elementary school Principals / Vice-Principals can request a 7-day trial (no obligation) for their school and staff.

Schools that do a trial of our video program before end of school year receive a 20% discount next school year.

How to buy our video program?

Simply add the program to your cart on our Buy page, checkout and pay by credit card.

Invite teachers through our Portal and teachers access videos at school in just a few hours.

Our video program includes

Unlimited access until school year end

Dedicated homeroom accounts

Shared staff and resource account

Children's yoga videos for students

Wellness videos for students

Wellness videos for educators

Delivery over Amazon Cloud

Technical support via email

All new releases throughout year

Locked-in COVID pricing next year

Need more information about our video program?

Find out about buying and implementing our videos in your school.

Also learn about refunds, restrictions, our policies and more.

Still unsure about our video program?

We would love to answer any specific questions you may have about our video program.

Use our Contact Us form to reach out by email and we can have an email and/or phone discussion.