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St. Thomas More
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Why YogaLady?

We believe in the power of love and kindness and in valuing and recognizing students in schools.

We also believe that student mental health & wellness is vital to learning and academic success.

YogaLady provides an educator-led children's yoga video portal to elementary schools, in Canada and the US, that fosters love, kindness, acceptance, gratitude and more using yoga as an underlying conduit.

Who is YogaLady?

Andrea Cerutti is an educator and certified children's yoga instructor with extensive experience teaching yoga to elementary students.

She has a passion for empowering children, building positive self-esteem, and spreading love and kindness to promote student success.

About YogaLady

YogaLady's Experience?

Elementary school teacher
Certified children's yoga instructor
2000+ students taught children's yoga
35 years working with children
and much more


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How Students Benefit?

Impact of some video themes on students:

Starting School NEW - reducing JK school anxiety
Mindfulness NEW - increasing awareness
Growth Mindset NEW - opening up to trying
Mistakes Help You Learn NEW - finding good in mistakes
Stressful Testing NEW - reducing test anxiety
Peaceful Warrior - keeping students balanced
Mastering Affirmations - growing self-esteem
Shake it Out NEW - fun silliness for JK-G2

Our video themes encourage students to have fun, exercise, grow, feel supported and feel validated.

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How Schools Benefit?

Classrooms are transformed after experiencing our videos with calm, centred and happy students.

Our video themes complement and extend classroom learning e.g. Growth Mindset taught in class can be paired with our Growth Mindset video.

Our videos also aim to reduce classroom or behaviour issues and bullying by lovingly nurturing students.

Our videos have been proven to be well received by students with special needs.

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How Poses Differ from Adult Yoga?

Children's yoga involves gentle yoga poses that represent animals (e.g. cat or turtle) or use names of the adult yoga poses (e.g. Warrior I or Tree).


Our videos focus on having fun, in a safe manner, while growing emotionally and physically. Students do not need to be bendy like in gymnastics.

About Our Poses

Our Video Themes?

Starting School NEW
Mindfulness NEW
Growth Mindset NEW
Mistakes Help You Learn NEW
Stressful Testing NEW
Peaceful Warrior
Mastering Affirmations
Shake it Out NEW
Calming the Body
Focusing the Mind
Building Self-Esteem

About our Video Themes

Our Video Format?

Our new standard videos are 12-15 mins long while extended videos are 25-28 mins. We record each video four times (JK-SK, G1-G2, G3-G4 and G5-G6).

JK-G2 start with a fun and engaging story, while G3-G6 start with a short loving lesson. Videos then include a warm-up, a series of poses (with lesson / affirmations) and end with a calming relaxation.

About Our Video Format

Why NOT Just use YouTube?

Our program is taught by an elementary educator who is certified in children’s yoga.

Adult yoga instruction is not designed for children. We do not offer watered down adult poses that can result in physical injury or bodily harm.

Unlike YouTube videos which target a narrow age range (e.g. age 3-6), we record each theme four times (JK-SK, G1-G2, G3-G4, G5-G6). Physical and emotional needs vary widely between JK and G6.

Early Readers and Video Affirmations

To assist early readers, we highlight each word of an affirmation as YogaLady sounds it out.

We use affirmations in select videos to help students internalize and reinforce key elements or teachings of a given theme.

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Cost of our Videos?

Videos are priced $35 per homeroom with unlimited access for the current school year (to June 30th).

Amounts to an investment of $1.35* per student per school year (*average of 26 students per homeroom).

Video Pricing

Schools in Canada are charged in CAD with GST (5%) or HST (varies by province 13% or 15%) and PST in Saskatchewan (6%) or QST in Quebec (9.975%).

Schools in the US are charged in USD with no federal or state taxes as service is streamed from Canada.

NEW Schools Needing Assistance?

We believe that our videos can help increase student success, kindness, love, empathy and much more and ultimately should benefit all schools and communities.


Principals or teachers can request custom school pricing (see FAQ) to assist:
"Schools in low-income areas"
"Children support schools"
"High-need schools" or other need schools

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NEW Preview our Videos?

Instantly preview select sections of our videos.

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Trial our Videos?

Elementary school principals or teachers can request a 12-Day FREE trial for their school and staff 1X per year.

Please note that prior to starting a trial we verify the principal or teacher on their school's web site.

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Buy our Videos?

On our video pricing page simply select the number of school homerooms, checkout and pay by credit card.

Schools that need assistance to purchase our videos can request custom pricing (see page and FAQ).

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Need more information?

Find out about buying and implementing our videos in your school.

Also learn about refunds, restrictions, our policies and more.


Still Unsure?

We would love to answer any specific questions you may have about our videos.


Use our Contact Us form to reach out by email and we can have an email and/or phone discussion.

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Contact us on Social Media?

Our goal is to help grow emotional intelligence and positively impact as many students as possible.

Please follow, like and share your classroom and school experiences with our videos with @YogaLadyy on Twitter and @YogaLadyy on LinkedIn.

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