Video Format

Our yoga class videos are made up of 5 parts:

Story or Lesson

We built our standard yoga classes with either a fun, engaging and colorful short story for JK through G2 (to better capture and keep their attention) OR a short more direct and meaningful lesson from G3 through G6 (to impart a lesson).

e.g. "Mindfulness" video for JK - SK story excerpt:

Today we are traveling with Butterfly to a beautiful flower garden. As it flew through the colorful garden it took its time looking at, and smelling, all the flowers. Butterfly felt very happy. As Butterfly flew near Tree, it landed on a branch and rested for a moment. Tree asked, “What has made you so happy today?”. ... Butterfly didn’t understand and asked what that meant. Tree said that Mindfulness is about noticing things and how you feel. Butterfly wanted to practice being Mindful with some friends.

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e.g. "Mindfulness" video for G3-G4 lesson excerpt:

Today we are going to talk about Mindfulness. Mindfulness can help us calm and focus our minds to be more present and in the moment. Often our minds can wander and we think about what comes next instead of what we are experiencing. ... With Mindfulness you bring your total attention to a thought, feeling or situation using any one, or all of your senses. Practicing it regularly helps us not judge and respond rather than react in situations. To use it in your life, all you need to do is take a moment to stop, focus and be fully present.

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A Warm Up

For JK through G6 just after the lesson/story we do several warm up poses.

Warm up for all students is quite gentle and may include a breathing pose.

Class Poses

We built our standard yoga classes with either a statement and yoga pose for JK through G2 (to continue the story) OR a yoga pose from G3 through G6 (to continue the lesson). Depending on the theme a positive affirmation may follow the pose.

e.g. "Mindfulness" video for G1-G2 pose excerpt:

Butterfly flew through the air and saw... FROG icon { Do Frog Pose } Feel how strong your legs are as you jump up towards the sky.

e.g. "Mindfulness" video for G5-G6 pose excerpt:

Coming into... CAT icon { Do Cat Pose } Cat - Listen to the sounds around you I AM Listening


For JK through G6 the relaxation phase involves inviting students to lie down on their mat or towel. This time allows students to reflect / integrate the poses.

Students listen to calming background music while affirmations are said.


For JK through G6 the students sweep their arms to hug themselves and repeat "I love and accept myself". This is repeated with arms sweeping in the other direction.