Classes are exclusively taught by Andrea Cerutti, an educator, instructor and mother (of three) who has worked extensively with children throughout her entire career. She has a B.Ed., B.A., multiple certifications and is an exceptionally unique individual that is embraced by children of all ages.

Please visit the About page to learn about her extensive certifications and experience with children.

Someone who has a children’s yoga certification recognized by The Canadian Yoga Alliance, has a B.Ed., has a B.A., has done 200 hours of yoga teaching, has taught yoga to 1000+ students, has experience in the classroom, has excellent classroom management skills, has great people skills, has professional liability insurance, is passionate about what she teaches and is a creative story teller who loves to inspire children.

Children's Yoga is developed specifically for children under 13, and unlike adult yoga, uses stories and simpler child-centred poses to increase flexibility, improve breathing and calm the mind.

Yoga is NOT a religion and moreover does NOT conform to any religious belief. This is a common misconception. Yoga does however offer numerous health benefits to people of all ages.

No. Yoga does NOT conform to any religious belief and classes do not refer to any religious element.

In fact, to end classes, students are asked to place their hands in prayer-pose only to orient themselves and end the class; there is no prayer implied or involved.

Finally the word "Namaste" is used to represent a recognition of the light within each of us (our essence) that makes us exceptional and unique; there is no religious element implied or involved.

Andrea Cerutti custom designed, implemented and delivered children's yoga and wellness classes at Saint Thomas More elementary over 4 years (since 2017).

She taught over 244 in-person yoga classes and a half dozen teacher workshops spanning 5 schools in the Ottawa area. In total she developed 16 custom classes over 4 years.

Each class is tailored and grade specific (JK-SK, G1-G2, G3-G4 and G5-G6), as the needs of very young students are different from those in senior grades.

Due to COVID, we shifted gears in 2021 to remote classes. Then we recorded the first four classes that were developed and taught as 16 online videos. These are delivered over a highly available Video platform using the Amazon Cloud.

The program includes:

Unlimited access until school year end

Dedicated homeroom accounts

Shared staff and resource account

Children's yoga videos for students

Wellness videos for students

Streaming over Amazon Cloud

Technical support via email

Locked-in pricing (never increases)

Common video streaming platforms include Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu (to name a few).

Our video streaming platform delivers videos directly to schools across Canada via the Amazon Cloud.

Videos can be viewed at any time during school hours eliminating the need for a physically present yoga instructor and substantially reducing the cost of an in-person program.

Our classes strive to help your child relieve stress and anxiety, have fun and learn to believe, love and accept themselves and others.

They help improve your child's confidence, resilience, self-esteem and self-love, as well as help them navigate the complex and challenging world we live in. In addition, classes help increase flexibility, muscle strength and coordination, as well as provide an overall sense of well-being.

Lastly, to promote student mental health and wellness we have developed short non-yoga student wellness videos.

Unlike adult yoga or gymnastics our children's yoga program does not require children to be bendy or flexible.

In fact, flexibility increases as your child does yoga.

Classes include a relaxation segment at the end. Relaxation is NOT meditation and we do NOT include meditation in our classes.

We invite children to close their eyes to calm their minds and bodies.

We believe in the power, influence and lifelong impact that kindness and love can have on children as they grow, become adults and reciprocate as members of society.

Classes support the student success improvement plan, mental health and well-being strategy, social emotional life skills, as well as the physical education curriculum.

Now more than ever our children need to feel a sense of normalcy, have fun and stop spiralling in fear due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

Furthermore to promote student mental health and wellness we have developed short non-yoga student wellness videos.

Unfortunately, for insurance purposes, yoga video classes cannot be used for online learning. Students and their teachers must be physically present at school to ensure their safety.

Mental health and wellness is recognized as a central pillar of student success.

It is vital to children's long term health and development and enables them to blossom into healthy adults.

Yoga can help calm and center the mind so that students become more focused, improve their listening skills, increase their attention spans and enhance their concentration.

Our classes help improve focus and listening skills, as well as classroom engagement. We provide students with tools to self-regulate and become emotionally aware, which in turn results in a more positive classroom climate.

Benefits also include less behavioural issues given the focus on emotional awareness, social emotional tools and loving acceptance of themselves reinforced throughout our yoga classes.

Self regulating involves controlling one's behaviour, emotions and thoughts. Sometimes children act before they think things through. Our classes help students increase emotional awareness and teach them to use their BREATH as a tool to respond rather than react in a given situation.

By participating in our classes, students practice self-regulation and are more likely to adopt it going forward reducing teacher and/or staff intervention.

Classes allow all students to fully participate including those with special needs.

The objective is to have all students complete the classes feeling better than when they arrived.

Classes help increase focus, attention, concentration and confidence by providing time and space for your child to de-stress, relax and move physically, which helps improve academic performance.

Parents should contact their child's school and/or teacher for information regarding scheduling, attire or any other school-specific question. Each school has their own set of rules and regulations.

While classes are designed to engage children and improve self-esteem, self-worth and coordination, the physical effects of yoga include oxygenating the brain, the organs and the body resulting in people feeling great after classes.

Through breathing and relaxation exercises students learn to become more present, relaxed, less anxious and less stressed.

Our classes are gentle yoga classes for young children and do not involve the typical exertion found in adult yoga classes.

Moreover, the grade-specific classes are taught in a safe and appropriate manner by a certified children's yoga instructor and suit all fitness levels.

We do NOT recommend children do our classes if they feel unwell or are injured.

We do NOT recommend children do our classes if they have an underlying health condition.

Always consult with your family doctor or health care practitioner before attempting any exercise.

We developed a distinct method that bridges storytelling and school curriculum, with children's yoga, bringing to life our first 2 live classes: Peaceful Warrior and Mastering Affirmations.

Our classes strive to help children believe, love and accept themselves. We believe that inspiring children to be forgiving, kind and loving with themselves and others is key to their future success in all areas of their lives.

We believe in segmenting our classes into grade levels JK-SK, G1-G2, G3-G4 and G5-G6 as the needs and understanding vary depending on age and maturity. We do not believe in a one-size fits all approach.

In fact, very young students blossom through engagement, storytelling and easier poses while with each increasing grade level the storytelling gives way to more emphasis on poses and physical exercise.

Class introduction videos for each age grouping are 1-3 minutes while standard class videos are 10-15 minutes and extended class videos are 24-26 minutes long.

Children should wear what they normally wear to gym class or regular school clothing.

For safety reasons, children will be instructed to remove their shoes and socks while on mats or towels.

Some schools provide yoga mats while others may ask students to bring a mat or towel from home.

Your child will not require a water bottle unless otherwise permitted during their regular gym class.

Typically, our yoga classes are held in school gymnasiums, or in any large open space, during a scheduled physical education time.

The space should accommodate all students comfortably and ideally lights should be turned down.

Your school Principal or your child's teacher will communicate all pertinent information prior to start of classes; therefore, all questions should be directed to them.

The program includes:

Unlimited access until school year end

Dedicated homeroom accounts

Shared staff and resource account

Children's yoga videos for students

Wellness videos for students

Streaming over Amazon Cloud

Technical support via email

Locked-in pricing (never increases)

Our video program is priced based on total number of homerooms in a school:

For a school with up to 10 homerooms - $350

For a school with 11 or more homerooms - $35 per homeroom

For details and custom pricing for schools needing assistance see Video Pricing

Yes. Our videos can be viewed any number of times from the school, by a teacher / staff actively working at the school. Viewing outside the school or by staff not employed at the school is not permitted.

As each theme includes 4 student class videos, and as gym is typically 2X per week, this means:

2 weeks If delivered 2X per week (compressed)

4 weeks If delivered 1X per week (spaced out)

Class videos are available from the start of the school calendar year up until June 30th.

We want everyone at the school to have access to our classes so we created a special school shared account for resource / support staff (see the next FAQ entry).

As such, homeroom teachers are not permitted to share their homeroom account / credentials with any other teacher or staff.

Yes, however you must use the special school shared account for resource / support staff which can be shared with any number of resource / support staff as long as they are actively working at the school.

When you buy our program we provide an extra invite (1st in teacher invite admin page) as a shared account that must be set to the school's email and whose credentials can be shared with resource / support staff but not homeroom teachers.

Homeroom teachers have individual accounts and cannot be shared with any other teachers or staff.

No. For insurance purposes, only teachers can play class videos at school. Parents cannot play our videos.

Sharing of videos and/or Portal access with persons other the administrator and teachers of a school is a breach of our Terms of Service. Doing so will result in cancellation of service without refund.

No. Videos can only be purchased by principals at Canadian and US elementary schools.

Unfortunately due to insurance, at this time, we do not offer videos for use outside school settings.

Once purchased, your principal will invite you to Connect and Sign-In to access videos.

If not purchased, ask your principal to request a FREE 12-Day Trial to our videos.

Once purchased and the principal is verified on a school website, they can invite teachers to Connect and Sign-In to access our videos.

Access can be obtained in a just a few hours or worst case 1-3 business days.

We support Credit Card payments using Visa, MasterCard or Amex.

Payment by cheque, e-Transfer and/or cash is unavailable.

No. As there is an option to do a FREE 12-Day Trial prior to buying, there are no refunds.

We recommend principals request a Trial to view and evaluate our videos prior to purchasing.

Children's Yoga certification applies to children up to the age of 13, which is essentially up to grade 6 and even within elementary schools the spectrum is very wide as teaching JK requires a very different tone/approach vs. teaching Grade 6.

Our videos are currently geo-restricted and can only be purchased by, and played from, Canadian and US elementary schools due to insurance constraints.

Our Terms of Service should be read prior to making a purchase.

Our Privacy Policy outlines how we handle your information.

We will never sell, distribute or disseminate any information gathered through our services.

Generally speaking we offer a zero Return Policy as we offer a FREE 12-Day Trial.

Only under an exceptionally unintended circumstance such as a non-principal accidentally purchasing our service, may we, at our sole discretion, provide a refund less a 15% administration fee, with the strict condition that no prior verification has been completed (see terms for exact details).

Yes. Principals, teachers or staff can request a FREE 12-Day Trial to review our videos.

Please note that our Team must verify the person requesting a Trial prior to granting access.

We encourage you to share the trial with teachers, staff and students in the gym or in classrooms. Videos cannot be shared with parents, students at home, virtual learning, or remote learning.

The email containing the trial link to our videos can be played by teachers or staff for students in the gym or in classrooms.

Please remember that our videos cannot be played outside the gym or classroom i.e. not at home or for virtual learning.

Principals, teachers or staff who request a trial can share the email containing the trial link to our videos with other teachers or staff at the same school (to play in the gym or in classrooms).

However, the trail link and our videos cannot be shared with anyone outside of the given school, including but not limited to, parents, students at home, virtual learning, or remote learning.

For insurance purposes, only a school principal or teacher can try our program at their school.

If we cannot verify a principal or teacher on a school website we will request more information.

If after our request for further information we still cannot verify the person requesting access then we cannot allow access to the trial for reasons involving insurance.

Let your school administrators, teachers and/or school board know about the positive impact of children's yoga on students.

Encourage them to immediately try our Video Preview or request a FREE 12-Day Trial so they try our videos for themselves with students in the gym or classroom.

You can also share your support by joining the School Parent Council and voice your desire and fundraising ideas to have our program implemented at your school.

Parents have a huge voice and help shape what students are exposed to.

Social media posts tagging @yogaladyy are invaluable for making YogaLady a program that is accessible to every elementary school student across Canada and the US.

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