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A Detailed Comparison

Compares our 3-service offerings to traditional yoga classes (in-school or via YouTube).
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Feature Comparison

{ Comparison of Key Features }


{ Canadian Schools ONLY }

Live Remote

{ Google Meet }

Live In-School

{ Currently Unavailable }

Other Yoga

{ Taught In-School }


{ OR Via YouTube }

Relative Solution Cost

VOD cost is just 20% of live service cost




Physical activity through Yoga

Health and Physical Education (HPE) curriculum

Enhances focus, physical balance and strength

Created by Educator

23+ years health, wellness and yoga

35+ years with children

Certified Children's Yoga Instructor

Canadian Yoga Alliance (2019)

The Bioenergetics Institute (2008)

YMWCA Fitness Instructor (1993)

Proven experience with OCSB

291 classes over 4 elementary schools

6 teacher workshops / wellness over 3 schools

Incorporates school curriculum

Based on in-school OCSB delivered program and applicable to other schools and schools boards

Supports OCSB Student Success School Improvement Plan and other school board Student Success Plans

Story based themes and instruction

Educator created custom themes through yoga

Focus on mental health and wellness

Provides Social Emotional Learning (SEL) tools

Provides mindfulness techniques and resilience

Focus on self-love and acceptance

Inspiring students to believe, love and accept themselves and differences in others

Mental health teacher workshops

Educator to educator powerful workshops

Available to in-school teachers / students

Only available during class / gym time

Available to online teachers / students

Only available online during class time


Available to schools across Canada

Delivered through reliable content delivery network


Available at any time with teacher

Videos divided into chapters for optimal play

e.g. effortlessly replay relaxation video segment


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